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From Melasma to Magical Skin

I recently posted the before and after of my skin with dealing with melasma and working with Skin Pharm and got TONS of questions about it. I in no way make money from or am affiliated with Skin Parm (but if y’all start an ambassador program holla at ya girl!). I just genuinely am extremely happy with my results.

According to, melasma is a common pigmentation disorder typically occurring on the face. Many doctors call it ‘pregnancy mask’ because a change in hormones may be a cause. Other causes can be sunlight and irritation from skincare products. I never had an issue with it until I got back on birth control once getting married. Yay to being a girl!

I’ve had doctors tell me it’s super hard to treat because they could make it better, but the second I go in the sun, it’ll come back. I love being outside, I don’t like wearing hats when it’s hot, I value living my life over having perfect skin, so I had pretty realistic expectations going into my first appointment at Skin Pharm.

Cliff notes version, I was tired of spending money on products that had good reviews and didn’t make my skin worse, but also didn’t make my skin noticeably better. I found Skin Pharm through a best friend, they rock, and their products have done wonders for my skin.

Lots of people have been asking what I used and did, so I’ll lay it all out for you below. BUT you should call up Skin Pharm and do an in-person (Nashville or Atlanta) or over the phone consultation. Everyone’s skin is different. They are the experts and will design a treatment plan that will work best for you. Also, some of these products below require a prescription that you would get from your rep at Skin Pharm.


You can find Skin Pharm’s line of amazing products here.

3 Months of the following:

Gentle Soothing Cleanser (it smells heavenly, I highly recommend )
Clarifying Pads, 2-3x weekly (combats breakouts)
Youth Serum (plumping serum)
Glow Factor (like a vitamin C serum, but better. Gives me that glowing, dewy look)
Face Whip (moisturizer, I love how this feels)
Mineral SPF – * Mineral SPF is vital for melasma or any pigment discoloration. Mineral SPF reflects the sun off your skin, while non-mineral, or chemical, sunscreens allow rays to penetrate the first few layers of your skin. Skin Pharm’s Mineral SPF is the one product that I don’t love. It makes my face too shiny. I’ve linked other mineral sunscreens I do love below.

PM –
Gentle Soothing Cleanser
Youth Serum
Pigment Correcting Cream (Rx, you need a prescription for)
Brightening Lotion (I like this at night because if I were to layer it on in the day after my Glow Factor, it’s too shiny)
Face Whip

Next 3-4 months:
AM –
Papaya Enzyme Cleanser (I like the smell and feel of the Gentle Face Wash better)
Clarifying Pads, 3x weekly
Youth Serum
Glow Factor
Azelaic Acid (Rx, you need a prescription for it)
Face Whip
Mineral SPF

PM –
Papaya Enzyme Cleanser
Youth Serum
Tretinoin (Rx, You need a prescription for it)
Brightening Lotion
Face Whip

I’ve also been using the Clarifying Brightening Polish 2x a week as a face cleanser. It helps significantly with blackheads and making pores smaller.

Mineral Sunscreens I Love

I am a big fan of Colorscience Brush-On SPF 50, I bought the pack of 3 so I can keep one in my bag, one in the car, and one in my bathroom for zero excuses! I use it as a touch up most times as we should be re-applying every few hours. I go between colors medium and tan.

EltaMD is another favorite. This sunscreen feels amazing on!

Colorscience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50

EltaMD UV Elements Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 44

Supergoop! Zincscreen 100% Mineral Lotion SPF 40

If you do feel you look greasy from mineral SPF I use and love this primer that mattes pores and smells fresh.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer


So far I’ve done one chemical peel and one microneedeling with PRP.

I noticed a difference in my skin from both procedures. Of course, my results are a combination of products and procedures, but overall I think the products have done a lot for my skin. I saw a more drastic difference in before and after from the chemical peel than microneedeling. But the chemical peel also had my skin peeling for over a week. I would only do it again if I knew I had downtime where I wasn’t going to work or be around people beyond family and close friends. (Blog post on the chemical peel coming next!)

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