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Ditch Your Dirty Deodorant

Deodorant isn’t something one usually spends a lot of time thinking about. If it does the job and smells good, dope. That’s all that matters right? Perhaps. But maybe there’s more to think about. Numerous studies have been conducted connecting aluminum, the ingredient used in antiperspirants that temporarily plugs the sweat ducts, to increased risks of breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and kidney disease. Parabens, a group of chemicals used in many antiperspirants, have also been linked to breast cancer. But some doctors argue there is not enough hard evidence to link these chemicals to diseases. Personally, the potential risks just aren’t worth it to me.

The main reason people gravitate towards antiperspirants is the sweat blocking due to aluminum. Deodorants that are free of aluminum will keep you smelling fresh but you may feel more sweaty when first switching to them. But fear not. Your body will likely adjust to the lack of aluminum after a few days, sweating will seem normal again, and if you’ve thought about making the switch now is the perfect time. Cooler temperatures during the winter means less sweat throughout the day. 

Another reason people steer clear of natural deodorants is simply that they don’t work. I’ve tried numerous deodorants without aluminum or parabens and not all are created equal. Below are two deodorants free of dirty chemicals that I’ve tried and have kept me odor free all day.

Unscented Stick, Primal Pit Paste
Photos Courtesy of Primal Pit Paste

Primal Pit Paste is an all natural company that makes my favorite deodorant. The deodorants contain only 6 ingredients and it is aluminum free, paraben free, synthetic fragrance free, propylene glycol free, and gluten free. Winning! There’s a wide variety of scents and application styles to choose from but most importantly, it keeps me smelling fresh all day long. Y’all, my days consisted of teaching hot yoga, going straight to work, lifting weights at the gym, then cheer practice, and this stuff keept working through all of that.


Art of Sport is a company I recently partnered up with that is changing the game for athlete’s body care. Art of Sport’s deodorant is free of aluminum, parabens,  talc, oil, alcohol, and won’t leave stains. It’s made with matcha, green tea extract, and arrowroot, and it stood up to the test of days of hot yoga, running errands, and working out. What I like most about Art of Sport deodorant is that it looks and feels like popular deodorant most people are used to.

Have you decided to ditch your dirty deodorant? Let me know how it goes or if you have other recommendations that have worked well for you!


  1. I have been using primal pit paste for about a week. I have noticed I sweat profusely and smell way more than before. I’ll be sweating and not even warm. How long does this last? I’ve had this problem with other natural deodorants! Thanks 😄

    1. Hey Ashton! I noticed myself sweating more when making the switch, especially in the first week. I’m my opinion we’re used to not sweating from anti-persperant, so when we do we’re ovbuously going to notice it more. Secondly, your body has been used to absorbing aluminum and now that it’s not it could be detoxing itself (expelling the chemicals built up over years). Obviously every body is different, but from my experience it felt much more normal after a few weeks. By about a month I didn’t notice anything different. Several of my family members had the same experience when switching and it took them a few weeks as well. I hope this helps and let me know when you get to a point where you’re as happy with the switch as I am!

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